Embedded Software

Ircona has extensive experience in Linux and RTOS kernel, driver, and user space development across a variety of platforms and protocols. Our experience ranges across the software stack from the embedded firmware, to drivers, libraries, stacks to user applications. Below is a cross section of the Ircona expertise and successful projects we have delivered to our customers. If you have requirements with embedded software, contact Ircona to discuss how we can help you.

Intel® Firmware Support Package (FSP)

  • FSP Integration steps including Customizing, Rebasing/Placing, Interfacing
  • Integration with BIOS, coreboot, RTOS, boot loaders
  • Configuration tool and source code customization.

Board Support Packages and Bootloaders

  • Standard or customised bootloaders - GRUB, U-Boot
  • Firmware development including BSP, BLDK, and Coreboot
  • Multi-boot for multiple payload and OS
  • Customised boot paths, boot devices, secure boot.

Networking and Data Communications, drivers and libraries for networking products including:

  • Flow Control, Buffer and Queue Mgmt
  • TCP/IP drivers, libraries, XAUI, GbE, SGMII
  • Cryptography, QOS, Security, Kasumi
  • OpenStack, Software-defined networking (SDN), VxLAN, Open vSwitch
  • Packet processing, network protocols, and network acceleration solutions.

Operating Systems

  • RTOS: VxWorks, VelOSity, Integrity, VRTX, ThreadX, FreeRTOS, RTEMS
  • Embedded Linux distros Yocto, Open Embedded, MontaVista, Android, Wind River
  • Other Linux including Ubuntu, CentOS.
  • Others: QNX, Unix, Solaris, Windows Embedded, FreeBSD

Products, Platforms, Protocols

  • Intel and AMD x86, Atom, PowerQUICC,  68k, ARM 7 and 9, MIPS, Sparc
  • Computing, networking, data and voice communications, video processing.
  • IP, TCP, UDP, SIP, SCTP, SSH/SSL, USB, Wireless, Storage.
  • OpenGL, Video4Linux, Linux framebuffer, DirectFB, Qt, OpenCV

Sample Projects

  • Ethernet Cluster and Interface Manager libraries for x86 based router.
  • Port Linux and RTEMS to LEON4 (Sparc) SoC.
  • Implement, qualify and optimise QOS and WRED solutions for customer SDK
  • Developing Linux device drivers for custom telephony hardware
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