BLDK Solutions

Ircona's experienced firmware team can optimize your embedded platform, cut development time and reduce boot time with Intel BLDK.    
Ircona are recognized experts in Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit and authorised for BLDK Customisation Support and distribution. Leveraging over 20 years of experience in the development and customization of x86 based BIOS and UEFI, Ircona offers a full range of Intel® BLDK and FSP customization services to support your system development. Ircona offers a risk-free path for companies with no experience in x86 firmware to obtain fully validated Intel® BLDK solutions for your systems including:

  • Intel BLDK Configuration, Customization and Optimization
  • BLDK Integration with FSP, bootloaders, RTOS

Our early access to and familiarity with the full source code tree of each Intel® BLDK release means we can quickly implement the modifications required to make your product a success, no matter how simple or complex they are. 

The Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit is a software toolkit that allows creation of customized and optimized initialization firmware solutions for embedded Intel® processor-based platforms. Based on UEFI Development Kit, Intel BLDK enables rapid development of firmware for fixed-function embedded designs—those requiring basic initialization and functionality rather than the full capabilities delivered with a traditional BIOS.

BLDK Benefits
  • No cost or royalties: Intel BLDK helps reduce BOM costs.
  • Reduced boot times: Customers can optimize firmware for reduced boot times and smaller firmware size.
  • Rich feature set: Includes power management and the ability to boot to a variety of alternate devices.
  • Greater flexibility: Allows developers full control to create and customize firmware initialization.
  • Greater reusability: UEFI standards help create firmware solutions that can be widely reused.
  • Rapid firmware development: Tools and development environment allow for rapid creation and customizing of reference firmware implementation.
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