Ircona provide licensed coreboot consulting services and the full range of firmware options from coreboot, through FSP, BLDK and fully featured BIOS. We have developed libraries for many popular platforms so if you need help or advice on your boot options contact the (core)boot experts.

Coreboot is an open source firmware that delivers a fast and secure boot on embedded systems. It performs bare hardware initialization, and so must be ported to every chipset and motherboard. Our coreboot team can provide:

  • coreboot porting and optimisation for fast and secure boot
  • coreboot customization for multiple chipsets
  • coreboot payload development for Linux and RTOS
  • coreboot integration with FSP, bootloaders (U-boot)

coreboot benefits

  • open source and royalty free
  • fast and secure boot
  • lightweight, small footprint
  • supports multiple payloads
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