Embedded Systems

Ircona has extensive experience in Embedded System Design, IOT, Security, and BSPs on a wide range of platforms, technologies and protocols. Our experience ranges across the software stack from the embedded firmware, to drivers, libraries and user applications. Ircona leverage our expertise in Firmware, High Reliability Computing and Security to deliver a fully integrated and customized solution.
We have unique skills in Software Optimization of applications on Intel architectures using Intel toolsets and we can make your software faster.
Below is a cross section of the expertise we have delivered to our customers. If you have requirements with embedded software contact us.

Firmware and Board Support Packages

  • coreboot porting and optimisation for fast and secure boot
  • FSP Integration with BIOS, coreboot, RTOS, bootloaders
  • BLDK Intel Boot Loader Development Kit customization and distribution.
  • IOT, Security, Embedded AI
  • Board Support Package (BSP), Root file system, and device driver development
  • Driver and BSP development for Intel Quark and Edison boards
  • Linux drivers, kernel, and bootloader development
  • Standard and custom first and second stage bootloaders: GRUB, U-Boot, SysLinux
  • Dual boot, Multi-boot for multiple payload and OS selection
  • Customised boot paths, boot devices, secure boot, chain of trust

Networking and Data Comms, nework drivers and libraries, security

  • Flow Control, Buffer and Queue Mgmt
  • TCP/IP drivers, libraries, XAUI, GbE, SGMII
  • Cryptography, QOS, Security, Schedulers
  • OpenStack, Software-defined networking (SDN), Open vSwitch, DPDK
  • Packet processing, network protocols, and network acceleration solutions.

Operating Systems

  • RTOS: VxWorks, VelOSity, Integrity, VRTX, ThreadX, FreeRTOS, RTEMS
  • Embedded Linux: Yocto, Open Embedded, MontaVista, Android, Wind River
  • Other Linux distros including Ubuntu, CentOS, Gaisler
  • QNX, Unix, Solaris, Windows Embedded, FreeBSD, ARM Mbed

Products, Platforms, Protocols

  • Intel and AMD x86, Atom, PowerQUICC, 68k, ARM Cortex, MIPS, Sparc, LEON
  • Computing, networking, data and voice communications, video processing.
  • Graphics libraries: OpenGL, Video4Linux, DirectFB, Qt, OpenCV
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