FPGA Development

Ircona‘s team of FPGA design engineers have been developing FPGA solutions  for over 20 years. Our team have all the necessary tools and skills to successfully architect and implement your solution and along with our motherboard design team, complete full system validation thereby delivering to our customers a one-stop-shop to minimise risk and maximise design efficiency. As with all of Ircona’s design services, our FPGA design processes minimize the risk of design iteration, and thereby shorten the time to market.

Ircona FPGA support:

  • Experience with all FPGA families from Xilinx including Spartan, Kintex and Virtex UltraSCALE
  • Experience with all FPGA families from Altera (Intel) including Arria and Stratix 10 and V
  • Experience in both Verilog & VHDL Design Methodologies
  • Design experience includes all steps in the development process from RTL design through synthesis, placement, routing (place and route), test bench development and validation to in-system verification


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