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Hardware Services

Ircona is a world leader in hardware board and FPGA Design for Servers, Super Computers, High Performance Computing (HPC), Autonomous Vehicles, Single Board Computers, and Embedded Processing.
Ircona can supply you with a range of Hardware and Product Design Services to bring your product to market on time and in budget.

Turnkey Product Development

  • Concept/Feasibility Studies
  • Predictable Budgets and Schedules
  • Focus on Time to Market & Unit Cost
  • State-of-the-Art Design Tools for hardware schematics
  • Board-Level, Sub-System, and High-Level Assemblies
  • Management of prototype production to full volume ramp

Digital Electronic Design

  • Embedded Microprocessor System, x86 (Intel and AMD), ARM
  • High Speed Digital Design and Signal Integrity Analysis
  • Latest Industry Bus Standards (PCIe, ATCA etc)
  • Full Board-Level Simulation
  • Verilog & VHDL based ASIC & FPGA Design on Xilinx and Altera platforms

Analogue Electronic Design

  • Analogue Design & Simulation, RF Design
  • Distributed Power, Power Supplies, and Converters

PCB Design

  • Rule driven PCB layout to latest point to point and multi-drop bus standards
  • Backplane and multi-board design

Mechanical Design

  • Industrial Design and Electronic Packaging
  • Electro-Mechanical Product Design
  • Finite Element & Thermal Analysis
  • Integration with PCB Design

Product Verification

  • Specification-based functional design test, DFM/DFT
  • Environmental Testing (temp, humidity, vibration)
  • Immunity Testing (ESD, Surge, Burst, RF) EMC, Emissions Testing (Radiated and Conducted)
  • Comprehensive Testing to Worldwide Standards

Contact Ircona if you need help to bring your product to reality.

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